Top 4 Weird Marketing Techniques That Work

Marketing is an important aspect of any business. Whether it’s a small corporation or a seemingly indestructible brand, marketing is a crucial part of any organization. In this post, I have compiled a list of the top 4 weird marketing techniques that work.

Number 1 – Promote Someone Else’s Business on Social Media

Promoting someone else’s business on your social media account only sounds odd. In fact, it’s a great strategy that helps you build up your network. If you represent a barbershop and, on your social media, you promote some hair products, the brands might promote you, in return, on their network. The better your social mention (tweet or post), the more likely it will get shared or retweeted by the promoted brands, which will help you generate social media buzz.

Number 2 – Work with other businesses

Whether your business has a physical location or a virtual office, it’s quite important to collaborate with other businesses on your vertical. It’s important to team up with your competitors, and here is why: if you have a physical store that collaborates with other stores, you may be able to exchange customers with your competitors. By offering 5% to other stores from each of your sales, you will drive traffic from your venue to another place. By following the same rules, other stores will exchange their customers with you. Essentially it’s a nice form of traffic exchange that might be beneficial for your business in the long run. 

Number 3 – Reach out to the media in a shocking way

Reach out to publication with your shocking pitch. Keep in mind that media people are tired of spam and general statements about so-called “amazing ideas.” Be funny and shocking. I receive a lot of emails from brands that would like me to cover their products. However, I am always super-selective. I am interested in covering something that can benefit my publication, something funny and shocking. My readers want to be entertained.

Number 4 – Be Shocking

If you have a virtual business, you can create shocking media content in the form of images or text. If it’s a physical place, you can have some “pink cow” greeting people by the front door of your business. Something should catch people’s eye.

The other day, I was walking in Manhattan and I spotted a fancy gay guy dancing behind the store display. Damn, it was so offbeat, but it worked. I wanted to explore the place just out of curiosity.



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