New York City Top 4 Benefits of NOT Living in NYC

I have been living in New York for over 8 years. I truly love this city. However, something tells me that I might not last for a long period of time due to the high amount of stress and struggle to cover my expenses in this beautiful concrete jungle. Today, I decided to make my own list of 4 benefits of not living in NYC.


Let’s begin with the fact that money surely doesn’t grow on trees here. Not only is it hard to find a job in this city, it is very challenging to keep your job for a long time. New York City is full of people from all over the world and the competition is cut-throat. Businesses who hire tend to take advantage of this fact.

Smaller companies tend to hire interns or low-paid employees. Larger companies, on the other hand, tend to overwork their employees. As a result, you find yourself becoming a victim of the system while attempting to make your dreams come true. Whichever situation you are in, you are guaranteed to have a lot of stress in NYC.

Top 4 Benefits of NOT Living in NYC

Rent in NYC

The rules are simple regarding rent: you either live a shared apartment or in a tiny studio. Usually, your monthly rent and utilities come out to around $2000. If this doesn’t scare you, consider the fact that you might get fired or laid off from your workplace due to high market competition. You will then have to spend a couple of months searching for another job, while you figure out how to pay rent.

Potential Danger

If you end up living in a borough, consider the fact that you may face potential dangers. The boroughs are full of crazy people. This year, two folks were shot right by my porch (I live in Brooklyn). Also, NYC is a high-profile city and is a top target on ISIS‘ list. People still can’t forget 9/11.

Top 4 Benefits of NOT Living in NYC
Policemen in Manhattan
Top 4 Benefits of NOT Living in NYC
The Police canvassed the terrain after 2 people were shot in Brooklyn

Fake People

Most individuals in New York City are fake and stiff. Nobody trusts the person next to him or her. Everyone pursues his or her own interests. Many people try to avoid any possibility of truly befriending someone in this city, due to the likelihood of being hurt and betrayed. If you are planning to move to NYC by yourself, chances are that you will find yourself very lonely for a long period of time.

NYC has been a symbol of freedom for millions of people from all over the world. This city is truly unique, but like any other city or town, it is not perfect. Thus, consider both, its advantages and its disadvantages.



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