Lil Wayne: Top 10 Shocking Facts You didn't Know (Part 2)

Lil Wayne’s voice and charisma made him a Grammy Award-winner and the idol of millions of hip-hop fans from across the globe. Like him or not, the man has a net worth of $150M and more influence than most people can dream of. In the previous article, I have mentioned the first 5 shocking facts about LW. This post is the second part of the top 10 shocking facts you may not have known about Lil Wayne.

Lil Wayne is Dead

If you see this phrase, it is not click bait. It’s the reality of the virtual world of conspiracies and hoaxes. The Internet hoax “Lil Wayne is Dead” is one of the biggest out there. If you want to see for yourself, go to the Google search bar and type in “is Lil Wayne dead.” You will see over 10 million search results.

The root of this lies in Lil Wayne’s health. The man has serious problems with his health. LW suffered a vast number of seizures that walmost took his life.

Life After Death

Lil Wayne believes that after he eventually dies, publications might take his journals and publish them. As a result, the famous celebrity avoids writing things down and leaving marks after himself.

Satanist in a Catholic Garment

Many people believe that Lil Wayne is a real-life Satanist. In his video “Love me” Wayne appeared to be cursing a lot and having Satanic horns. Despite all the claims and rumors about Wayne’s shady dealings with Satan, the rapper himself considers himself a Roman Catholic.

In attempts to prove himself being a good man, LW started One Family Foundation that is aimed at helping the urban youth find the right track in life.

Lil Wayne Shot Himself

Back in 1994, Lil Wayne accidentally shot himself. At that time he was only 12 years old. Luckily, the rapper survived the incident. However, the memories have stayed with him forever. There is an interesting twist that LW keeps recalling every time Black Lives Matter activists ask him provocative questions. After the rapper shot himself, the police officers ran into the house. The white police officer who was in charge picked up LW and carried him all the way to the emergency room in an attempt to save his life.

Retire at a Young Age

It’s hard to believe, but Lil Wayne is planning to retire at the age of 35. Even though it seems like a young age, it might not seem weird if you take into consideration the poor state of the rapper’s health. We can only hope that an early retirement will benefit LW, and hopefully make his life more purposeful.



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