Top 6 Websites Similar to Amazon

Amazon and Apple fans unite and make the Internet crash around the world. Amazon fans are always happy to see new deals on their favorite site for online shopping. They love it, even more, when iPhone deals pop up every now and again. Whether you’re planning to get a new iPhone or not, these accessories for Apple fans are inspiring some fresh online buys. Some deals will save you up to 83%.

5. Jackery Bar External Battery Charger for iPhone – 71% off

The Jackery Premium External Battery Charger for your iPhone, iPad, or other smartphone offers 6000-mAh of charging power. It is portable for travel, long flights, and even summer road trips. It is a power bank delivering two to three charges for Apple fans, and one to two charges for Samsung fans. Its also stores easily, due to its compact design. On Amazon for $14.44.

4. Smartphone CD Mount for iPhone and iPad – 75% off

The Smartphone CD Mount by iKross is a universal holder for your iPhone. It boasts a 360 rotation with easy installation and simple adjustment. This mount fits smartphones with 6-inch displays or less. It can put your smartphone view into perspective, since it has portrait or screen view, depending on user preference. Available on Amazon for $9.99.

3. iPhone Camera Lens Kit – 67%

The iPhone Camera Lens Kit by iGoMacro offers users a 3 in 1 lens experience. It includes fisheye, macro, and wide-angle lenses, so you can get every shot. It is also compatible with Samsung Galaxy and Android. Offering you an 180 view, this smartphone camera lens kit is also super durable and very portable, letting you take it on the go. On Amazon for $9.98.

2. DMZOK Wireless IP Security Camera for Amazon Fans – 67% off

The DMZOK Wireless IP Security Camera lets users view what they need from their iPhone. It boasts 720P HD with Wi-Fi, and also can be used in multiple ways. It acts as a security camera, baby monitor, and also is equipped with night vision. You can also put it to use while away, since it has a motion detection feature too. $52.99.

1. SoundSoul Mini Amplifier Fountain Apple Station on Amazon – 83% off

This Mini Amplifier Fountain iPhone Dock by SoundSoul offers something different. These water speakers are made with nontoxic acrylic, and are only 9 inches tall. It works with TVs and they boast built-in amplifiers for good sound quality. It will transform your listening, because the water changes into four different colors as it dances. $16.99.



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