Top 10 Celebrities Who Are Absolutely Wit

Some celebrities don’t get enough credit for their intelligence. I am not talking about IQ, either, but how witty some celebrities are. This means that they are intelligent with their humor, and they actually insult people with both charm and grace! Some of the following celebrities are probably before your time, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know about them. Anyway, here are ten celebrities that have proven their wit over the years, in no particular order.

Celebrities Who Are Wit: MARK TWAIN

Mark Twain is a very intelligent man, and he has also proven in the past to be a witty person. A few quotes prove this, and the first was when he said he didn’t attend a funeral, but instead sent a letter of approval! Then, he topped this one and said he would never learn to like a particular girl unless they were on a raft at sea with no other provisions.

Celebrities Who Are Wit: WINSTON CHURCHILL

In one famous quote, Winston Churchill managed to make an insult sound like a compliment. He was quoted as saying that a particular person had all of the virtues he disliked and none of the vices he admires. This is one of the best quotes I have ever heard of any celebrities!

Celebrities Who Are Wit: WILLIAM FAULKNER

Churchill’s quote was amazing, but William Faulkner’s quote may top his. When speaking about Hemingway, he stated how he would never use a word that would send you to a dictionary. Basically, he is implying that Hemingway had a low IQ, and he did it so brilliantly.

Celebrities Who Are Wit: ELIZABETH TAYLOR

One of the most famous celebrities of all time is Elizabeth Taylor, and she has been known to be a little witty. Her best quote ever, however, is when she said that some of her best leading men were horses and dogs. You want to talk about a huge shot to her leading men!

Celebrities Who Are Wit: ANDREW LANG

Andrew Lang may have given the best analogy the world has ever heard. He referenced a particular person, and how they are similar to a drunken man. The quote goes, he uses stats just like a drunk man uses a lamp post, for support and not for illumination. Good luck coming up with a comeback for that one!

Celebrities Who Are Wit: MAE WEST

Mae West, in her prime, was an incredibly sexy woman. Outside of her stunning visual appeal, though, she was not against the causal witty insult. In particular, when she was talking about a particular man. West said that his mother should have thrown him away and should have only kept the stork. This is a low blow, but is sure was witty.

Celebrities Who Are Wit: DOROTHY PARKER

This next quote is perfect for someone who is, to put it in appropriate terms, a whore. Dorothy Parker could not have put it better when she said a particular woman spoke eight languages, and couldn’t say no in any of them. Clearly, everyone knows what she was talking about!

Celebrities Who Are Wit: OSCAR WILDE

He has absolutely no enemies, however, he is disliked by all of his friends. This is what Oscar Wilde was quoted as saying, and if you could come up with something to say after that then you are a better man than me!

Celebrities Who Are Wit: ERNEST HEMINGWAY

Hemingway took a shot at Faulkner, and he asked if Faulkner thought that big emotions came from big words. Both of these guys took some shots at each other, and it is hard to choose who won their battle of words.

Celebrities Who Are Wit: GROUCHO MARX

We can all learn something from Groucho Max, and that is what to say after an evening of disappointment. Marx was quoted as saying that he has had a wonderful evening, but that this wasn’t it. I can’t think of a better response for a bad evening.

Top 10 Celebrities Who Are Absolutely Wit



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