Daily Picks: 9 Articles About Mysteries and Shocking Nine Celebrities Who Saw Aliens and UFO

Have you seen a UFO and been called crazy for it? Well, worry no more friends. Now, your ludicrous claims are backed up by the people we all trust most: celebrities. That’s right, many instances of celebrities and aliens exist. Their stories will make even the toughest skeptic think twice. What’s nice about these examples is that you know it’s not for the fame. Celebrities are already rich, powerful and have nothing to gain from the insane. If you are one of these straight, laced non-believers perhaps the next 9 people will help change your mind.

Celebrities Who Saw Aliens and UFO: VICTORIA BECKHAM

Victoria Beckham was a household name in the 1990’s. On second thought, perhaps she’s better known as Posh Spice, her stage name as part of the Spice Girls. It turns out that not just posh, sexy and sassy but she believes in aliens. Back in the 1990’s Beckham claims a bright UFO hovered above her posh LA family home. According to her, Beckham lounged around her Beverly Hills home, drinking mai-tais and chilling out when the mysterious aircraft showed up. The moon like craft lingered for a period before quickly disappearing.

While this tale is certainly interesting, Beverly Hills is not an area where many previous aliens were seen. Perhaps a creative paparazzi is to blame.

Celebrities Who Saw Aliens and UFO: RUSSEL CROWE

You all know Russel Crowe. That rough riding gladiator often found fighting his way around the world. If anyone seems like a straight shooter when it comes to aliens, it’s Crowe. However, even he had a close encounter of some kind. Not only did the Oscar-winning actor see a UFO flying past his Australia office but he even has a video to prove it.

Originally, Crowe set up a camera to film fruit bats visiting his botanical garden.  Must it be nice to be rich and famous right? As he recorded through, a strange UFO dashed into the frame. The full video online, so, form your own judgment on the matter. Still, there are many skeptics about these aliens. Of these, one says that Crowe saw nothing more than a sailboat light captured on the camera. Sure, keep thinking that.

Celebrities Who Saw Aliens and UFO: BILLY RAY CYRUS

Country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, better known as the father of deranged superstar Miley Cyrus, has a strange encounter to recall. No, Miley is not an alien (although that would explain a lot). Cyrus lingered around his celebrity home, like all of them seem to do when five UFO’s appeared over the horizon. Cyrus took a picture of the aliens and put it up on Twitter. From the picture, it’s not too clear whether it’s a group of aliens or just an optical illusion but it’s interesting, to say the least. Nevertheless, Cyrus called it a “special moment 4 dad”. Not special enough to spell out the number 4 supposedly.

Celebrities Who Saw Aliens and UFO: BUZZ ALDRIN

It’s one thing if a drunk celebrity sees a UFO on Earth. However, when a world-famous astronaut, who has a lot to lose, claims aliens, that a mystery is afoot. Think about it. All the thousands of aliens reported never get any respect because they come from an unprofessional source. Aldrin, on the other hand, one of the most well-known figures in science and responsible for a major historic moment. He’s not alone either. Aldrin and other members of the Apollo 11 crew also reported seeing something on their trip to the moon.

NASA never acknowledged this UFO. Hence, the crew is hesitant about the issue ever since. It’s likely just another example of NASA hiding aliens from the public.

Celebrities Who Saw Aliens and UFO: DAVID BOWIE

David Bowie, A.K.A Ziggy Stardust, is known for his multiple personalities, amazing songwriting and the creator of “Space Oddity”. Does his galactic obsession go beyond music, though? Allegedly, it does. The headline-prone rockstar made the front page in a different way when he saw multiple UFO sightings as a child in England. According to Bowie, he and friend drove through the English countryside when they both saw strange objects hovering in a field These aliens had a profound effect on Bowie and from then on, he has always taken them seriously. It looks like he answered his own question in regards to the song “Life on Mars” after all.

Celebrities Who Saw Aliens and UFO: DAN AKROYD

The once beloved ghostbuster and blues brother have taken a nose dive recently in the public eye. This is likely due to his firm belief in aliens and science fiction. Akroyd is a lifetime member of the Mutual UFO Network where he is the official Hollywood consultant. He has also made a documentary showing various alien encounters of real people around the world.

Unlike other celebrities, Akroyd has not just had a single UFO encounter. He’s  been experiencing paranormal activities throughout his whole life. It looks like Ghostbusters wasn’t too far off from his real life.

Celebrities Who Saw Aliens and UFO: MUHAMMAD ALI

He floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee but apparently, Muhammad Ali can’t fight off UFO encounters. The famous boxer saw aliens as a young boy in New York City. To support these claims, long time friend Angelo Dundee shared these UFO witnesses.

According to the two men, the aircraft moved slowly over the city skyline for 15 minutes before jetting off. Later on, several New York residents reported similar claims. Furthermore, Ali even goes to state that the prophet Elija Muhammad said the first ever alien reference is found in Ezekiel’s Wheel from the Bible.

Celebrities Who Saw Aliens and UFO: SAMMY HAGAR

Sammy Hagar sure had his share of substance abuse issues but now, we must believe this abduction claim. Apparently, the aliens took rocker at the age of 20. Of all people, Howard Stern took Hagar up in the interview. Here, the rocker said this UFO abduction changed his life forever. Furthermore, these creatures even downloaded information into his head a la The Matrix. There we have it, folks. You can thank aliens for giving us, Van Halen.

Celebrities Who Saw Aliens and UFO: JOHN LENNON

Perhaps the most famous of these celebrity cases is none other than John Lennon. According to Lennon, it was a leisurely afternoon when he stepped outside to see a cone-shaped disc emitting red light. Both Lennon and his assistant May Pang can recall seeing the UFO before it suddenly flew off into the distance.

According to Lennon’s estimation, the aircraft looked the size of a Lear jet. Later that day, it returned, this time with series of flashing white lights orbiting the rim of the craft. Now, John Lennon has taken his fair share of LSD in his day other reports exist. A local newspaper reported that at least 7 other random people reported seeing this object around the same time Lennon and Pang saw it.

To read about Lennon’s traumatizing experience further, check out the book on the matter entitled John Lennon UFO: 1974. Here the incident is dramatized into a compelling story. Read about Lennon’s personal account as well as the history behind the famous song from which it inspired.

Nine Celebrities Who Saw Aliens and UFO



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