Sia Shocking Facts about Sia Sia: 19 Shocking Facts You Didn’t Know

Referred mononymously as Sia, she is an Australian singer, record producer, songwriter and video music director. Watching her perform or on the screens will make you think that there isn’t much to know about this lady behind wigs and utmost crazy costumes. However, there is a lot you probably don’t know about this talented pop star. Just to highlight, she is an interesting character with experience in various career setbacks, drug addiction, alcohol and most of all, the death of a loved one. Certainly, there is much she has taken in life. Highlighted below are some of the 19 shocking facts about Sia.

Sia Shocking Facts about Sia Sia: 19 Shocking Facts You Didn’t Know

Sia Shocking Facts: Her full name is Sia Kate Isobelle Furler

Currently, she could be owning the shortest name in showbiz. In reality, her name is far much longer than this. The Chandelier singer’s full version of her name would have taken up a whole album cover.

Sia Shocking Facts: She is from Australia!

Many people would hardly believe this. But yes! This celebrity is from Australia. She was born in Adelaide, South Australia. However, she moved to London before proceeding to stay in New York at the age of 30. This is probably why she has a cute accent.

Sia Shocking Facts: Starred in Home and Away

Home and Away is a popular Australian TV based soap opera. The feature film was created by Alan Bateman and began broadcast on the Sven Network on 17th January 1998. Bateman got the idea of this show while on his trip to the Kangaroo Point in New South Wales. He noticed that locals were complaining, skeptical and against the idea of having foster children from the city residing in the area and the construction of a foster home. With this said, the famous celebrity starred in the 1997 episode of this intriguing film. Those who watched Australian drama in the years of 1990s can attest to this. Since its production, the film sold to over eighty countries and counting globally. This was branded one of the most successful Australian Media exports.

Sia Shocking Facts: Not as Young as You Think

As mentioned before, she hides behind wigs and fascinating clothing. She occasionally reveals her whole face making it quite daunting to make an intelligent guess in her age. However, from what you can see, you will bet she may be below 30. Surprise! Despite her youthful face, she is 42 years old. Sia was born on 18th December 1975.

Sia Shocking Facts: More than Just a Singer

Like most artists, singing isn’t their only job. They engage in various other activities besides music. Sia is a songwriter and a fascinating music video director. In fact, she admits that her strongest passion being songwriting. She says that writing is interesting and fun. Having mentioned this, she is the brains behind many tracks with outstanding lyrics including Pretty Hurts by Beyonce, Sexercise by Kylie Minogue, Britney Spears’s Perfume, Diamonds by Rihanna, Let Me Love You by NeYo, Radioactive by Rita Ora among other amazing songs. Much of a surprise, she wrote the Diamond’s Lyrics in just 14 minutes. This is probably the reason why Beyonce referred to her as a genius.

Sia Shocking Facts: Beyonce Highly Regards Sia

Beyonce is undoubtedly among the queens of the music industry. With a huge following, vast fan base, and other fame activities, she is a respected person in the industry with limitless accolades. But this did not stop her from admitting the truth. This celebrity is a genius. She referred to her this way in 2014 after listening to her composition, Pretty Hurts.

Sia Shocking Facts: Sia Began Music Long Before ‘Chandelier’

Most people started listening to Sia after the track Chandelier. However, long before this, in the mid-90s, she had begun her career singing at the local Adelaide acid jazz band crisp. The crisp separated in 1997 and members sought their paths. Sia released her debut album Only See from Flavored Records. The album sold only 1200 copies. She later moved to London and joined the British duo Zero 7. From there, what transpired is best described as history.

Sia Shocking Facts: She Lost her Boyfriend in 1997

As mentioned before, Sia had a rocky past. After the disbandment of the Crisps in 1997, Sia opted to move to London to follow and strengthen her relationship with her then-boyfriend, Dan Pontifex. However, weeks later, she received a call that Dan was dead. He had succumbed to an accident after being hit by a car in London. During that time, she was on a stopover in Thailand. She had no option but to return to Australia. Soon after, one of Dan’s housemates called her and invited her to stay in London.

It took her six years to come to terms with his death. However, she later found love and married a director and producer Erik Anders from August 2014. Unfortunately, the couple split up in December 2016.

Sia Shocking Facts: Sia Battled Drug Addiction

Losing her boyfriend in 1997 made Furler self-destructive. Following this, she battled drug and substance abuse addiction. Fortunately, she left this six years later. Her lyrics in the song ‘Alive’ has a better meaning to this.

Sia Shocking Facts: Furler has Been Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder

Sia admitted in an interview with OK!Magazine that she had been diagnosed with bipolar. This probably followed the loss of her boyfriend. This made her get hooked on oxytocin, Xanax, and heavy alcohol usage.

Sia Shocking Facts: Furler Once Contemplated Committing Suicide

Losing a loved one is certainly a tragic life event you wouldn’t expect. Following this, Sia suffered a lot including mental illness including bipolar symptoms with episodes of mania and depression. She admitted that she was low at the moment that she contemplated ending her life. This was serious that she once got into a hotel, noted down instructions for the hotel manager and her dog walker instructing them that she had killed herself and didn’t want them to suffer seeing her dead body. Fortunately, a friend phoned her making her change her mind. Following this, she signed up for a 12-step recovery program.

Sia Shocking Facts: She Believes in Aliens and Mermaids

Furler joins the fold of individuals believing in legendary creatures and extra-terrestrials. In an interview with the Interview Magazine, she said that it would not be prudent not believing life outside us.

Sia Shocking Facts: An Animal Lover!

Sia not only believes in Aliens and Mermaids but also the rights of animals. She appeared in a campaign in 2010 with her dog Pantera. The campaign encouraged people to neuter their pets and help end animal homelessness.

Sia Shocking Facts: How She Met Maddie Ziegler

The dancing prodigy Maddie Ziegler has certainly made her special role in most Sia’s videos known. But how did they met? Furler stated that they met on social media. She asked the 13-year old if she wanted to be in her music video, ‘chandelier’ over Twitter.

Sia Shocking Facts: She is Bisexual

Despite shy to show her face, she isn’t shy to disclose her sexual orientation. She admitted being bisexual.

Sia Shocking Facts: She is a Vegan

Furler has been a vegetarian for years. However, she recently announced that she has completely gone vegan.

Sia Shocking Facts: She has Graves’ Disease

The Titanium singer remarkably doesn’t fear to make her health issues known publicly. From bipolar diseases to Graves’ disease, her health is unfortunately complicated. Graves’ disease is an autoimmune disease that primarily affects the thyroid gland causing its enlargement and complications including heart palpitations, irritability, lethargy and muscle weakness. She was forced to announce this in 2010 after having to cancel her appearances and concerts due to this illness.

Sia Shocking Facts: She Sang for a Well-known Artist

Furler’s vocals seem not to be new anymore. So to say, she sang for Jamiroquai a few years back.

Sia Shocking Facts: She Struggles to Deal with Fame

This is probably the reason why she hides her face behind wigs. The ‘Alive’ singer admitted that she finds it daunting handling fame. She states that she didn’t want to be famous or recognizable.

Sia Shocking Facts about Sia


Be it covering her face due to her rocky past or her shy character, Sia is undoubtedly among the best pop star musicians in the current scene. A genius, as described by Beyonce, she is set to achieve more and break more records with her truly blessed talent.