Emma Watson: 9 Shocking Facts You Didn’t Know

Understanding celebrities can be quite a daunting task. The media hugely focuses on the day to day lives of these people, often forgetting to unearth how these guys lived before. As a person gains fame, so does their lifestyle. So to say, it is estimated that 98 percent of celebrities change their lifestyles once they get to fame or make it in this busy yet competitive showbiz sector. Whereas some are full of controversy and interesting actions, some focus on their lives and what makes them happy. Emma Watson is among the few with the true definition of perfection.

Notably, among the best actors of the Harry Porter series, where she played her role as Hermione Granger, she left a landmark that will give her good memories even at 80 years. You may have known her from this feature film. But do you think you know much about her? Seemingly, the wonderful witch of Harry Porter has a lot in store. She has kept much in secrecy. However, let’s unearth some of the secrets you probably didn’t know about her. Below is the list of 9 Shocking Facts You Didn’t Know About Emma Watson.

Emma Watson: 9 Shocking Facts You Didn’t Know

Emma Watson Shocking Facts: She is An A Grade student?

Most people, even ardent fans know little about the education of these celebrities. Probably, most do not let it out due to academic failures or dropouts. However, for Emma Watson, she is the definition of brilliance. So to say, she is a graduate of the Brown University. She once stated that her value of education came from her inspiring parents. She paid attention both to her parents and education earning her straight A’s.

Emma Watson Shocking Facts: She is a Certified Meditation and Yoga Instructor

Individuals usually take yoga without much seriousness. Most refer it as an activity done just to pass time. However, this was not the case with Emma Watson. Yoga and meditation are associated with many benefits. Both for the brain and general body, practicing yoga and meditating occasionally is a prudent idea. Emma must have noticed this. She took up yoga and meditation with utmost seriousness. She then proceeded to unwind and learn more about it. She gained much expertise and is now a certified instructor. An A grade student, remember?

Emma Watson Shocking Facts: She Loves Keeping Diaries

Diaries are an important account of our day to day life. The state of life for many people can be elicited from their diaries. So is the case with Emma Watson. She admits that diaries are part of her life. She loves recording and writing almost every account of her life in the journals. She says that this is where she identifies her weakness and faults in life. From this, she can find a way up against the challenges experienced. With her meticulous writing skills, she has jotted down 30 journals. All these based on her life events. A better way to track life, isn’t it?

Emma Watson Shocking Facts: She Loves to Cook

Cooking is an art for many. People casually take the process of cooking as an activity to satisfy the norms and hunger pangs. However, Emma has a different opinion about this. She loves cooking during her free time as a way of relaxing. She also says that people around her appreciate a lot any time she is in the kitchen. It seems she is such a good cook.

Emma Watson Shocking Facts: Favorite Movie? Prisoner of Azkaban

Her role in this movie may be the reason behind her liking for this feature film. Just to mention, Prisoner of Azkaban is an installment within the Harry Porter series. In the installment, Harry Porter, Daniel Radcliffe, is in his third year. However, this year starts off badly. He learns that Gary Oldman, known by the name Sirius Black, has escaped from the Azkaban prison. Intriguing and overly catchy episodes define the series. Probably, this is why Emma has a great liking and favorite of her creation. She also says that it is during this period that she grew as an actor. She liked her acting part, as Hermione and played her scenes well.

Emma Watson Shocking Facts: She was Born in Paris

People move, change locations and find new places to reside in. This could be due to various factors, job factor and familial matters being major causes. For Emma, she was born in Paris, France. Actually, she admits that she can make some words in French, though not fluent. Her family reportedly resided in France till she was five before her parents divorced. Following the divorce, she moved with her mother to Oxfordshire and occasionally spent weekends at her father’s house who lived in London.

Emma Watson Shocking Facts: She Broke into a Hotel Pool at 3 am

Emma Watson agrees that she has an outgoing character and loves partying. Being an extrovert, she once broke into a hotel pool in the wee hours of the night. This occurred when she was partying with her friends. She had probably had taken much into her system. She jumped over the fence and trespassed into a gated hotel pool. Being a drunk mistake, nothing much was made out of the story. It doesn’t cost the love and following she has.

Emma Watson Shocking Facts: She Has a Crush on Tom Felton

Emma Watson admits that she has a crush on Tom Felton. Born in 1987, Felton began appearing in commercials at a tender age of eight. His first screen debut came with his role in The Borrowers in 1997. He later portrayed Luis Leonowens in 1999 feature film, Anna, and the King. His major breakthrough came after taking up the role of Draco Malfoy in the film and bestselling fantasy novel, Harry Porter. This is probably where the two met. Emma admits that the crush began during the filming of the first couple of movies for the series. What intrigued her to crush on him was that he was a few years older and had a skateboard. However, Tom handled the crush with ease, treating her as his younger sister.

Emma Watson Shocking Facts: She was Auditioned for Hermione 8 Times

Being featured in any movie or film requires a lot of energy. Emma admits that making it in the entertainment sector is not an easy task. Especially for actors and actresses, directors of these movies and producers are usually after the quality of one’s ideas and acting abilities. The Harry Porter fantasy novel had sold out immensely. This is due to its’ interesting read and collection of ideas. Similarly, producers who adapted and decided to transform this novel to a movie wanted the same reception. This is why auditions for character play was challenging. Emma herself auditioned eight times before being selected into the cast.


You may have known her from the common Harry Porter screens or various other modeling scenes. So to say, Harry Porter was her first professional acting career. Other feature films she has appeared included ‘Arthur: The Young Years’ and ‘The Happy Prince’ at a young age. Various other shockers can be told about her. Did you notice her half twin younger sister in the series? Ever noticed her love for passion? Do you know her hobbies and interests? Certainly, there are much more to find out about this interesting character. However, she is overly a decent, intelligent and passionate character. Her limits and knowledge when it comes to handling the media is something to note. You will certainly love her more if you get to know her outside the screens.