Adele Shocking Facts: 19 Shocking Facts You Didn’t Know About Adele

Adele was born Adele Laurie Blue Adkins on 5th May 1988. She is an award-winning English singer and songwriter. Like many other famous musicians and songwriters, her father departed leaving the parenting role solely to her mother when she was four. Blue Adkins spent most of her free time singing rather than reading. Her childhood memories are fond of relocations as her mother sought for better jobs. She composed her first song at the age of 16 in 2004. She graduated in May 2006 from the BRIT school where she studied together with Leona Lewis, and Jessie J. Adele acknowledges that the school helped her nature her talent immensely.

Adele Shocking Facts: 19 Shocking Facts You Didn’t Know About Adele

These are some of the shocking facts about Adele you may be conversant with. Now, what don’t you know about her? Let’s find out.

Adele Shocking Facts: What Record Label Is She Signed To?

Adele is signed up to XL Recordings from March 2008. This label is an independent English record label founded by Richard Russell, Nick Halkes, and Tim Palmer in the year 1989. The recording label has also worked with other artists including Beck, Dizzee Rascal, The Prodigy, Peaches, Electric Six, Gotan Project among others. It releases an average of six albums per year (quite low) but operates worldwide and works on a diverse range of genres.

Adele Shocking Facts: Does She Care About Her Body Image?

Adele confesses that she is a food fanatic. She loves eating and hates workouts. Ad once stated that she would rather weigh a ton and produce an amazing album. She notes that her aim in life is to never look skinny. Forget about eating disorders for her. She is focused on her music. Period!

Adele Shocking Facts: Are Numbers in Her Albums Random?

Many people make fun of her, trolling her that she picks random numbers for her albums. Well, they are not random. The numbers, ‘19’ and ‘21’ represent the ages that she wrote the content for these two albums. Currently, she is 28.

Adele Shocking Facts: Why Cancel the 2008 US Tour?

Adele canceled, or rather missed her 2008 tour to the US due to reasons she terms as ‘early life crisis.’ So to say, she canceled the tour to be with her former boyfriend. Love, isn’t it?

Adele Shocking Facts: Who Was Her Big Fan of Growing Up?

Spice Girls inspired Adele’s love and passion for music. She recalls that she would frequently impersonate them at dinner parties while still a young girl. Then, she was a family entertainment, which she finds quite embarrassing now.

Adele Shocking Facts: Who Was ‘Someone Like You’ Referring To?

Unlike many other artists, she writes real life facts and experiences. Keeping this in mind, the heart-wrenching piano-based ‘Someone Like You’ was written and referred to a 30-year old man she was in love with. The song was a form of therapy for her. She admits that she always thought they would get married after dating for 18 months. However, as the song goes, she found out that the guy was about to marry another girl shortly after their breakup.

Adele Shocking Facts: What Was Her Upbringing Like?

As mentioned before, Adele’s upbringing may not be full of glamor and fun. She didn’t have a typical family upbringing. Her parents divorced before completely turning four. Reason behind? Her dad was an alcoholic. Following the divorce, her father shut her up completely. Wonder what will happen the next time they meet.

Adele Shocking Facts: Does She Give Back to Charities?

You may know of her music part of life. However, she is great both in and out of music. She paid over $12,000 in July 2008 for a painting by Stella Vine during a charity auction to aid Keep a Child Alive. These funds were used to help African children and families living with HIV/AIDS.

Adele Shocking Facts: Which Famous Artist Was Recently Influenced by Her?

There are many artists who have, over time, talked about Adele’s influence. However, recently, Beyonce confessed that Adele influenced her fourth album, 4.

Adele Shocking Facts: Does She Like Some Comparison with Other Female British Artists?

Adele admits that she values her music over everything else. Therefore, she does not give a damn about the comparison. She recently termed the comparisons as lazy, citing that they are gender, not a genre. That implies a big no!

Adele Shocking Facts: How Good Is She Right Now?

In 2011 alone, she sold more than 2.5 million copies and approximately 992000 digital copies in the United States. This made her the biggest selling by the end of June. In 2015, Adele released her third album, 25. This became the bestselling album, besides breaking various first-week sales records in different markets including those of US and UK. Ever since she is an award-winning artist with countless awards.

Adele Shocking Facts: What Describes Her Concert?

Many fans have confessed that Adele’s shows are always electrifying. Coupled with her unimaginable performance on stage and the message power of her songs, her concerts are a varied blend of whistling and tearstained fans. Certainly, it is one worth attending.

Adele Shocking Facts: Where Did Her Unique, Raspy Voice Come From?

Critics, as well as enthusiasts, have formulated all manner of etiologies as the reasons for her rather raspy voice. The truth is, her unique and deeply rooted raspy voice is as a result of her chain-smoking habit. So to say, she admits being a heavy chain smoker.

Adele Shocking Facts: Is She a Drinker?

Adele admitted that she was a heavy drinker some years back. While dating her 30-year old former boyfriend, she admits drinking overly too much. However, after breaking up, she realized she was drinking too much. She therefore quitted.

Adele Shocking Facts: Who Does She Enjoy Listening To?

Adele has a really fascinating taste of music or choice of artists. She moved to South London while 16. This made her interested in popular US-based artists including Mary J and Destiny Child. Ever since she says that the love for the artists hasn’t ended.

Adele Shocking Facts: She Schooled with British Pop Superstars. Who?

As mentioned before, she graduated from the BRIT school in Croydon in 2006. In her graduating fold, there were two British Pop superstars Leona Lewis, and Jessie J. Wonder why they are friends? You have the answer.

Adele Shocking Facts: How did She Get Her Big Breakthrough?

Adele attributes the power of social media for her breakthrough. So to say, she recorded a simple three-song demo as a class project and gave it to her friend. Her friend posted it on MySpace, and it turned out as a success. During those times, MySpace was such a cool site for music enthusiasts. This led to a phone call from the then best performing record label, XL record.

Adele Shocking Facts: What Are the Reasons for the Sound Change in 21 Album?

Compared to 19, 21 has a different sound style. She says that this is due to her tour bus driver who constantly played country music during her tour. Since she had never grown up around that type of music, she was inspired by the newer sound. The singer also said that she would love bringing up diverse ideas for her music. Whatever works for her, she will try.

Adele Shocking Facts: Current Relationship Status?

After suffering a serious heartbreak, Adele didn’t take long to bounce back. In January 2012, reports emerged she had been dating Simon Konecki, a charity entrepreneur. She later announced that they were expecting a baby who was born in October 2012. The couple then secretly married in early 2017. This was confirmed when she referred to Konecki as her husband during her acceptance speech at the 59th Grammy Awards. She also told her audience in Australia that she was married.

Adele Shocking Facts: 19 Shocking Facts You Didn’t Know About Adele


Adele is certainly one of the popular musicians to watch out for. With various record breaking album releases, nothing can compare her interest and sheer passion for music. Her classy attitude towards negativity is not only inspiring but a source of confidence to her. There you have it, 19 fun facts about this star girl.