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Eminem is a big name when it comes to the music industry. One of the best rappers, he is famous for numerous hit tracks and albums. Some of his creative works include Deuces, Mockingbird, No love, Till I Collapse, Lose Yourself, Without me among many other tracks. A lot of information about his public life, ever since he rose to fame, can be availed by the print and social media. However, there is much to that. Below is the list of 12 Shocking Facts You Didn’t Know About Eminem, the ardent rapper with excellent skills. 

Eminem: 12 Shocking Facts You Didn’t Know About Eminem

Shocking Facts About Eminem: Early life

To begin, it is of great essence to highlight quite a few notable life developments of Eminem. He was born Marshall Bruce Mathers III on the 17th October 1972. He is the only child of the two young parents who later divorced and separated. Actually, he was born when his mother was only 17. Her mother admits that she nearly died during the 73-hour labor. His music career took roots from his parents, members of the band Daddy Warbucks.

Eminem has a tough upbringing due to the divorce. His mother, Debbie, notes that Eminem wrote several letters to his father who had moved to California. Unfortunately for the rap star, all the letters returned back with the label ‘return to the sender.’ He started off rapping at the age of 14 with his then high-school friend, Mike Ruby. They adopted the names M&M and Manix, which later evolved to Eminem. During his early rap game, his major aim was to write rhyming words with intriguing phrases. The Underground Hip Hop audience noticed Marshall’s efforts and later provided some drilling to help him practice sounds and rhyme. Ever since, he has released many songs, majority topping in the Billboard 200 and the Billboard Hot 100 lists.

Enough of this, let’s find out the most secretive things you may not know about Eminem.

Shocking Facts About Eminem: School and Bullying

At the age of nine, Eminem was beaten and bullied so badly by a school bully, D’Angelo Bailey. This resulted in serious injuries, spending at least a week in a coma. Due to this incident, his mother sued the school in 1982. It turns out that the beef didn’t end. Eminem wrote a song, ‘Brain Damage,’ rapping about Bailey and his experiences with school bullying. The song has been recognized due to its efforts of helping children facing similar situations. This is among the various factually based songs written by Eminem.

Following the release of the song, D’Angelo sued Eminem demanding $1 million, claiming that this song ruined his reputation. However, Bailey later dismissed the lawsuit after he admitted to bullying Marshall during their high school days.

Shocking Facts About Eminem: He Had Comic Book Artist Ambitions

During his younger years, Eminem had reserved ambitions of being a rapper. Actually, he didn’t focus much on making music or rapping. He harbored the desire of becoming a comic book artist. This is possible the reason why his music and various career shows feature several comic ideas. He also has various animated threads and comically portrayed characters in his music videos.

Shocking Facts About Eminem: His Early Job – Being a Cook

Probably, he wouldn’t have made it to the Slim Shady Moniker if he had focused on his early pre-fame jobs. So to say, Eminem worked as a cook in a family restaurant in Michigan. This is after he dropped out of school. Marshall dropped out of ninth grade after repeating examinations three times. Partly, this shuttered his education dreams.

Shocking Facts About Eminem: Marriage / Divorce Seesaw

Eminem and his lover Kim certainly experienced a lot during their relationship times. Many people could not clearly understand the state of their relationship considering their on/off turbulent relationship. However, after much disturbance and family complications, the family unit declined. During this time, Marshall had to lie to Kim, his baby momma, that he is taking their daughter to Chuck E. Cheese to get a chance of recording her part in the song 97 Bonnie and Clyde.

Shocking Facts About Eminem: His First Arrest

Marshall, his other name, is known for numerous tribulations with the law. This occurred majorly after dropping out of school. However, his first arrest came when he was twenty years old. The reason behind this is certainly perturbing. Cops arrested and apprehended him once for shooting a police car with a paintball gun. Nothing much was made out of the arrest.

Shocking Facts About Eminem: He Shares His Birthday with Peter Stringfellow

As mentioned before, the RAP star was born on the 17th of October. This coincides with the birthdays of a blond-bounced and strip club magnate, Peter. Several other rappers share the same day too. Wyclef Jean, Ziggy Markey, and the late Evel Knievel are just but a few to mention.

Shocking Facts About Eminem: His Relationship with Michael Jackson

To many people, Eminem might have been in rough patches with the crowned king of pop, Michael Jackson. This is probably due to Marshall’s opinion about Jackson’s plastic surgery in the ‘Just Lose It’ music video. However, this may not be the case. This is because Michael Jackson co-owns rights in Eminem’s back catalog.

Shocking Facts About Eminem: Any Grudge with Moby?

Eminem is possibly among the highly-misunderstood artists. However, some music videos directly imply or give certain ideas about his opinions. Moby was in the receiving end of his video nasties. Despite this, Moby confessed that he has no grudge with Marshall. In fact, he stated in an interview that he would complement him due to his talent. He also notes the rhymes and production skills of this rapper.

Shocking Facts About Eminem: His Row with U.S. Administration

Eminem adds to the list of musicians who have attracted the attention of the high administrations of the land. In the song, ‘We as Americans’ the message is reported to have raised concerns from the secret service. Lyrics from the song are reportedly targeting former President Bush. Some of the quoted lyrics include ‘fuck money; I didn’t rap for dead presidents. I’d rather see the president dead’.

Shocking Facts About Eminem: He is left-handed

Like many artists, rappers, and famous personnel, Marshall is also left handed. This could be the source of his well-written lyrics.

Shocking Facts About Eminem: An Oscar Winner

Nobody expected Eminem to appear in any feature film. However, he surprised fans by appearing and performing well in the Oscar-winning feature film, 8 Mile. This movie is based on Marshall’s past. The movie was certainly a success due to the excellent performances from the cast, winning an Oscar.

Shocking Facts About Eminem: Charity Works

Not many may expect the seemingly angry and egocentric rapper to be involved in various charity events. However, despite handling various personal issues, Marshall has foundations that provide support to various charities. The Marshall Mathers Foundation, just to mention, is among the many that deal with youth at risk in Michigan.


Eminem is a public figure with much controversy. His personal life experiences and journey in the music industry is encouraging. Fighting from the low in the society, faced by parenting issues among many other challenges, the RAP star made it. Besides the controversial and the dark sided that has been said about him, there are much more interesting things to know about him. To add to this, get to know several under-the-ground facts about him. Factually, his entertainment artistry comes with interest, passion and flows naturally. The facts mentioned above sums up major shockers of the rapper.