Top 12 Most Stupid Celebrities

Knocking on someone happens and is socially acceptable. However, there are some few situations where you are totally into someone before meeting them. This is seemingly dangerous as they can crush you anytime. To your inner thoughts, that person could be a true reflection and an ideal specimen of how your perfect partner is supposed to be. So to say, nothing will convince you that you won’t be perfect for one another. This can begin simply as you watch him/her over the counter, walking exquisitely along the beach, present a topic in a conference among other situations. Due to the look from your eyes, something within them convinces the person to walk over to you, possibly say hi, get to know you and so on. Deep within, you definitely feel like busting to happiness as butterflies maneuver creating unexpected tension in your stomach. Fast forward, they open their mouth!

A wave of disappointment combined with many other inexpressible down feeling hits you. The person is dumb! Needless to say, the guy is past being ‘stupid’ or ‘dumb’ expressions. Possibly, the word ‘idiot’ can express closely how you feel. With hesitation, you try to take back what has just happened, but it seems impossible. The magical moment you had before, that could send you to fantasies, is all gone. Be it their weird pick up line or any other initial statement made by the guy; this sends you completely packing. Despite heavy efforts to regain the first impression, nothing seems to be working. Having said this, highlighted below are some of the celebrities who seemed hot until they opened their mouths.

Most Stupid Celebrities: David Beckham

Probably among the widely-known football legends with a vast fan base, Beckham is a charm to many, on the screens! Hot body, hot face, exquisite hairstyle, name them… but a disappointing voice. The voice cannot be unheard. This is where the issue comes up. Word to the wise, keep your admirations reserved to the screen where you can watch his crazy football skills and hot body. Dread a one-on-one talk!

Top 12 Most Stupid Celebrities

Most Stupid Celebrities: Kim Kardashian

This model is undoubtedly a total babe. A charm to many, fans would probably take out Kanye to have her. Being a socialite, actress, reality television personality, model and a business woman, you will love her strength and admirations. However, though unproven, beauty and brains don’t always auger well together. Her many dumb remarks evaporate the crush on her.

Most Stupid Celebrities: Gwyneth Paltrow

Undoubtedly, she made it with her singing, comedy and actress thing. Working on early films such as the Thriller seven and Period Drama Emma gained her much fame and attractiveness. However, just like your crush on someone for the things you see, the crush dies when the other side is unleashed. How can her favorite foods be kale, kale air, and air? Her food writing skills are sickening. She is better off with singing, comedy and the acting part of her life.

Most Stupid Celebrities: Will Smith

Any person getting to know Will Smith for the first time will certainly love him. Many feature films with ‘overrated’ likes resurface him. He also does some rapping beside being a songwriter. His top notch acting skills earned him a Hollywood brand, ‘the most powerful actor in Hollywood’ in April 2007. With all these, he is certainly a charm to many. Enough of the positive critique, watch him kiss Jaden, his son, on the mouth. That’s the end of it. Nothing to admire at all.

Most Stupid Celebrities: Jessica Simpson

Featuring this beauty queen in the Dukes of Hazzards unleashed one of the hot bodies in the modern world. Probably, many people watched the film due to her body. However, the cutting edge came with the ‘chicken of sea’ comment. Girl, everything went terribly. Without forgetting, her singing skills are somewhere below average.

Most Stupid Celebrities: John Mayer

His American-based songs, guitar tricks, and production skills are truly outstanding. He won the hearts of many people from his career without much doubt. However, John Mayer is growing old. You will now get to realize his true o-shaped face that automatically puts off the magical scent. To add to this, listen to him narrate his sex life coupled with a list of exes in his life. You will be totally over him.

Top 12 Most Stupid Celebrities

Most Stupid Celebrities: Lady Gaga

Hypothetically, she is an attractive girl. Her floppy but rather charming eyes, unique face with a pretty smile and her look will get you down for her. All these could turn to fairy tales upon contact. Therefore, take caution as falling for her in practice is the epitome of pretension.

Most Stupid Celebrities: James Franco

If the community of attractive humans ever lost one of their members, it would be James Franco. Just to mention, Franco rose the scales of fame after featuring in well performing comedic and dramatic films. He was eventually awarded the Academy Award for the best actor for his outstanding role in 127 Hours. However, things began going south for many of his lovers when he frequented the TV. Getting to the TV show was a bad idea, Franco. Media spoilt the crush.

Most Stupid Celebrities: Rihanna

From the screens, the song plays and the social media, she is undebatably attractive. Rocking in the videos of her song and other screen role play, you will certainly fall for her. However, be wary. So to say, she is the creation of the media. Top stories in the media surrounding her life also depict a person you won’t want to have a crush on. Have no much expectations when meeting her in person.

Most Stupid Celebrities: Shia Labeouf

A popular American actor, filmmaker and performance artist, Shia made it in the entertainment sector. As expected, this comes with a lot of fame, likings not forgetting crushes. However, being honest, getting it right during interviews is not for him. He flops a lot. Tag along with the soft douche beard he is trying to breed! Enough!

Most Stupid Celebrities: Kristen Stewart

With her young age, Kristen has a future in her actress and modeling role in the American scenes. From the screens also, her attractive and rather luring face with sexy eyes are somethings that will make you go for her. However, don’t be quick to judge. Just to mention, there are those people you see, and the feeling of liking automatically develops. A crush or something similar to that arises. Few fall in that fold. Let’s just say that Kristen Stewart does not belong to the category. Liking her can be quite exhausting.

Most Stupid Celebrities: Tom Cruise

Tom ends the list of the twelve unattractive celebs in reality. He is an American actor with numerous awards in his pocket. He is also followed by limitless nominations for various awards. This depicts the kind of person he is. Hard working and always super in his acting scenes with a smile no one can ignore are some of his characters. Having begun his acting career at a tender age, Cruise certainly has known how to deal with the cameras. Thinking of meeting him in real life? Not a good idea. Re-evaluate it.

Top 12 Most Stupid Celebrities


The celebs mentioned above form the outer cycle of the endless list of celebs with two sides. The good and positive side being on the screen and the negative side you won’t admire being in reality. Evaluating the celebrities one by one reduces the crush list significantly. Therefore, it is important to reserve the crush comments only on the screen, films, and songs. Getting on a one-on-one seems disastrous.



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