US Government Made Poisonous Marijuana to Kill Citizens

Is the government trying to poison Americans with terrible weed? Let’s dig deeper into this issue.

How To Grow Marijuana?

Growing cannabis seems like an easy task. All you need is seeds and water. Right? Wrong. Lighting, air quality, humidity, and pests play a tremendous role in the final product. So, growing weed ain’t that simple. One would assume that the drug grown by the government must meet all the quality standards. And technically it should be, since the government is taken care of it.

Problems with Cannabis

National Institute on Drug Abuse is the only place licensed by the DEA to grow weed for research. It supplies organizations like MAPS (multidisciplinary association for Psychedelic Studies) with the product, the quality of which is below average, to say the very least. The pot doesn’t look and/or smell like pot.

What is Wrong with Marijuana?

So, what is the problem with the government’s weed? Mashable highlighted some of the main issues in one of its articles. According to the media outlet, an independent lab in Colorado found high levels of total yeast and mold in some samples provided by the government. These samples also contained much lower levels of THC. It turned out that NIDA didn’t take a proper care of the pot keeping it in a refrigerator, for instance, instead of freezing the product. What does it tell us?

Marijuana Marathon

Here is what I like about competition. When you’re the only one on the treadmill of a business boom there simply isn’t enough time and need to stop and really evaluate every single customer. But, once you let several other players join the game, the picture changes dramatically. While others are getting all the customers, you have a plenty of time to evaluate and appreciate every client of yours. When you have only one facility allowed to grow weed, nothing good will ever happen. But give space to a couple of independent farmers, and you will see much better results.

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