Man Had VR Sex with Taylor Swift

Did someone have VR sex with Taylor Swift? – You ask.

On March 4th of 2017, the famous Father John Misty released his single called “Total Entertainment Forever,” in which he outlined the issues related to the problematic future of virtual sex.

Can Anyone have VR Sex with Taylor Swift?

VR technology is promising, especially when it comes to porn. But is it ethical? The song suggests major concerns related to the future of sexual relationships. Should people like you and me be allowed to have virtual sex with anyone?

What does the future hold for us? Threesomes with Lady Gaga and Medusa? Oral pleasures with First Lady? Gay porn with Justin Bieber and Ellen DeGeneres?

Taylor Swift and VR Sex Apps

Let’s assume Taylor Swift will not give permission to use her face in VR Sex apps. Will she have grounds to sue that naughty designer who makes an animated doll with her face?

In 2016 Ricky Ma, a Hong Kong-based creator made a sex doll that looked exactly like Scarlett Johannson. Nobody brought that man to court…



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