Dog Ate Cocaine to Win Crufts 2017?

Have you seen that hilarious video of an overly excited dog at Crufts 2017? No? Take a look. The dog is all over the place and it’s great. Is it?

When Dogs Go Nuts

  • Dogs get overly excited when they see guests.
  • Our four leg friends also get hyperactive when they go for a walk.
  • Here is another, less common reason. Cocaine. Yes, some people actually do it. They give cocaine to their pets. I know, it’s sad. But it happens. In some situations, it’s done unintentionally when dogs are at work.

Dr. Patty Khuly VMD, a practicing veterinarian based in Miami, wrote an article about Seven Deadly Drugs Vets Find in Pets. According to her The Top 2 attracting for animals drugs are Cocaine or Crack and Marijuana. The number of “curious” pets, who want to get high, is shocking. Tiny pocket puppies can’t even reach countertops to sniff the powdered form of cocaine but they choose to give it a try anyway, and they go for it.

Is Cocaine Good for Dogs?

Drugs kill animals. And here is the bottom line. Our pets rely on us. They believe we always make good decisions that will keep them safe. So, be responsible. And don’t allow your little friend to find your s**t before you.



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