Youtube Killed TV - It's Official... How to Become Famous on Youtube: 3 Easy Steps That Always Work RollStroll

How to become famous on Youtube? – you ask. Well, there is no short answer to this question. Let’s begin with the fact that no one cares about average Joes anymore. The Internet is overcrowded with talented musicians, writers, and artists.

Back then, when the television era was at its youngest, people had very few choices available. The market was sort of monopolized. So, as a producer, you could feature whatever you wanted. People would just eat it up anyway. They had no choice.

Fortunately or unfortunately for you, the era of television is over. These days, no one is sitting and waiting what the magic box has to offer. So, you want to find ways to capture attention.

So, how to become famous on Youtube? Well, break through the background noise.

Below is the list of 3 Easy Steps on How to Become Famous on Youtube.

1. How to Become Famous on YouTube: Shock People

Take a look at a field full of gray cows. In order to be different, one of the cows must be pink, so do you. Find a way to capture people’s attention in your own unique way. Just don’t be afraid. You don’t have to be talented, but different. Everything mainstream was shocking one day.

Whether you do something “good” or “bad,” it doesn’t matter. In the end, you will achieve your goal. And that’s what you want. Be unexpected for your potential spectators. Be shocking!

Both, beginners and already famous folks, must follow this rule. That’s why the headlines of famous magazines are full of “sex tapes” and “rehab stories” about famous people these days. Also, “reality show” (as a genre) seems to be quite trending these days. People just want to be on top of this swamp of fame.

Do something unbelievably stupid. It could be a stunt, a hoax, or an obnoxious parody. Think big, be unique. Your “stupid thing” should be somewhat different from other “stupid things” on the web.

TwinzTV got popular after publishing their crazy “Bait Pranks,” Pentatonix attracted attention after publishing its crazy acapella covers, and RollStroll was the first one who started implementing weird Japanese culture into his music videos. Be the first one!

2. How to Become Famous on YouTube: Share Your Video on Social Media

Even if your video is the most shocking in the world, it needs to be discovered. You want to ensure your voice is heard. Thus, share your video at least on Twitter, Facebook, Google +, and Instagram. Those are the main ones. Of course, you could go even further by sharing it on Tumbler, Pinterest, Delicious, Reddit, and Stumbleupon. But it’s up to you.

Don’t forget to include relative to your “masterpiece” hashtags. If it’s a music video, you would want to use something like #music, #pop, and #celebrities. If it’s a blog/vlog, hashtags like #lifestyle, #howto, and #tips are a perfect choice.

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3. How to Become Famous on YouTube: Write Guest Posts

To get famous quickly, you need to walk an extra mile. Thus, reaching out to bloggers and asking them to let you contribute a guest post on their websites would be a smart decision. Just use Google search to find these blogs, and start sending out emails. Make sure your content is relevant. Guest posts are beneficial for Bloggers only when they have a value. So, write something useful, and include the link to your video in the post.

In this article, for example, I am talking about “how to become successful on YouTube,” but I also mention RollStroll in the post. You, as a reader, get the answer to your question; and I am, as a blogger, get your attention.



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