Selena Gomez: 5 Most Shocking Facts You Didn't Know RollStroll

You might think you know everything about this famous celebrity. But don’t be so confident. Behind “Disney Awards” and “Bieber Breakups” is hidden a hand full of secrets you most likely didn’t know about Selena. Below is the list of top 5 Most Shocking Facts You Didn’t Know about Selena Gomez.

Pickle Flavored Gum

According to the rumors, Selena Gomez is in the process of creating «Pickle Flavored Gum.» As a notorious food pervert, Gomez believes that this concept has a potential. Let’s wait and see what the new invention is going to look like.

Extreme Sport Athlete

In one of her interviews, Selena stated that she enjoys horror movies. According to phycologists, people like Gomez are wired to enjoy high levels of physiological arousal. It’s 10% of the population. Such individuals tend to become professional extreme sports athletes.

Muslims Hate Selena Gomez

It’s unfortunate but true. A lot of Muslim people find the naked pics of Selena Gomez offensive. In Islamic culture, Hijab is the principle of modesty. Women should not look provocative. Thus, Selena Gomez is a “bad example” for little Muslim girls.

Selena Gomez and RollStroll

Selena might sing together with RollStroll. It’s not official yet, but two artists might collaborate together in the nearest future. Are they going to “kill the Internet with kindness?”

No for Twitter, Yes for Instagram

Unlike the majority of other celebrities, Selena is not an active Twitter user. Apparently, Gomez is not a big fan of the famous Social Media platform. Instagram, on the other hand, is her favorite application. It looks like the new generation chooses Instagram over Twitter.

Selena Gomez is, like all of us, full of secrets and mysteries. But, shocking and unbelievable, these facts make her even more intriguing and interesting.

P.S. I can’t wait to try the new pickle gum.

Selena Gomez: 5 Most Shocking Facts You Didn't Know RollStroll



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