Donald Trump and God: 5 Shockingly Amazing Facts

Most of you probably know that Donald Trump has been raised by Presbyterians. In several of his speeches, Mr. Trump quoted statements from the bible and gave support to numerous religious leaders. It’s obvious that the current president of the United States is a believer. Despite that, his celebrity closet is full of mysteries. Below is the list of 4 Shockingly Amazing facts you didn’t know about Donald Trump and his relationship with God.

Donald Trump Has Hunger For God

Even though Mr. President is often straightforward, which makes him seem cruel at times, he is very religious at heart. The famous Televangelist Paula White once stated that Trump has a heart for God. According to her, Trump’s true intentions are full of light. Donald is a deep listener, thinker, and studier.

Message of Unity at Black Church

People may say what they want about Trump; they can call him a racist and xenophobe. The fact is, unlike many other presidents, Donald Trump found a moment to visit the Black Church and deliver a message of unity to the people who are in need of help. Great Faith Ministries were happy to acknowledge Mr. Trump’s presence in the life of African American citizens.

Donald Trump – Christian Choice

According to the Christian writer Lance Wallnau, Donald Trump is a “choice of God.” President Trump popped up in the lives of many Americans just on time, at the moment of moral failings. According to Wallnau, many evangelists believe that D. Trump was anointed by God.

Muslim Celebrities Like Donald Trump

It’s hard to admit, but yes, some Muslim celebrities support Donald Trump. It seems like these people have been Trump’s close friends for many many years, and they understand true intentions of the current President. The Muslim Celebrities don’t see “a racist” in Trump but rather a rational and weighted leader who is trying to protect the nation.

Donald Trump and God: 5 Shockingly Amazing Facts




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