Tiger Woods: Top 5 Shocking Facts

Even those who never played golf know the name Tiger Woods. Yes, it’s that guy who won every possible golf tournament and cheated on his wife in 2009. Besides all his achievements and failures, the most iconic golfer has a lot of secrets in his celebrity closet. From his favorite food types to the traffic tickets for careless driving, he has it all. Below is the list of top 5 shocking facts about Tiger Woods.

Tiger Woods Shocking Fact 1 – He is Lovin’ it

Tiger loves junk food. The famous athlete is a big fan of burgers, fries, and sugar in the form of milkshakes. Not the best lifestyle for a professional athlete! Huh?

Tiger Woods Shocking Fact 2 – Almost a Billionaire

He is almost a billionaire. Mr. Woods is the second richest black/African American person in the world (Oprah is number one). His net-worth is $640 million, which is 3.5 times more than Justin Bieber’s net worth and almost 5 times more than Rihanna’s net worth.

Tiger Woods Shocking Fact 3 – Reckless Driver

Back in 2009, Woods got a traffic ticket for careless driving. Woods was involved in a car accident in which he severely injured himself. FYI: That night he got exposed as a serial cheater.

Tiger Woods Shocking Fact 4 – Mix of Four

Woods considers himself being a mix of 4 differents ethnicities. He often calls himself “Cablinasian,” which stands for “Caucasian,” “Black,” “American Indian” and “Asian.”

Tiger Woods Shocking Fact 5 – Tiger Woodpecker

The multiple Tiger affair scandals inspired RollStroll to write the song Woodpecker. One of the biggest double entendre hits is now trending on YouTube. Thanks to Woods.

Love him or hate him, Tiger Woods will always be a champion in the hearts of millions of sports fans. He is the symbol of “Victory” and “Dedication” when it comes to sports. He is the symbol of “Hope” when it comes to helping people.

Tiger Woods: Top 5 Shocking Facts



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