Top 5 White Trash Videos on Youtube

The United States is full of hilarious people. Especially Southern America that never stops entertaining us. Especially when it comes to White Trash people.

From a Walmart fight to an Oklahoma party, below is the list of top 5 White Trash Youtube Videos.

1. White Trash Woman Racist

People can be racist but this woman went a little bit too far. Drunk and stupid, she outlined the very nature of her Cro-Magnon heritage. I bet she would be a perfect addition to one of the local Florida zoos. Lock her up and let her entertain us!

2. Trashy and Stupid Walmart Fight

Do you like watching people fight? What about 2 mid-age ladies who are throwing punches on each other’s faces?

It seems like Walmart is a favorite spot for White Trash women. The store is full of “action” and “adventures” at times.

3. House Worker Man Who Voted For Trump

A self-proclaimed White Trash man is giving a speech in support of local coal factories. Listen to what the “True American” has to tell you about jobs and immigration.

4. Best Southern Backyard

This man is hilarious. In this video, he is giving a tour around his White Trash Yard full of weird stuff. Not only this footage but the entire Youtube Channel is dedicated to the Theme of White Trashy Lifestyle.

5. White and Fat Gangsta Teen

Here is what uneducated white teenagers look like… Both sad and funny, this video will introduce you to the realities of West Virginia. Honestly, I am not even sure if it’s a boy or a girl on the video. All I can tell you is he or she is very White Trashyyy…

This post was crafted for entertainment purposes only. We didn’t mean to offend anyone. We apologize to those White Trash folks whose feelings got hurt…

Yeee Yeee… S**t or get off the pot.



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