retarded babies commercial Top 5 Retarded Baby Commercials on Youtube

Babies and cats are cute! And media agencies take advantages of this fact. They produce a countless number of commercials featuring children and kitties. But some of the advertisements are just stupid. In this post, we’ve compiled a list of Top 5 Retarded Baby Commercials on Youtube.

1. Retarded Baby Commercial: Evian Baby and Me

It’s hard to believe that the below commercial promotes a drinking water brand. What is the message behind the video, anyway?! Drink Evian, and you will turn into another retarded dancing baby?

2. Retarded Baby Commercial: Japanese Tarako Commercial

We all know that Japan is weird. The country is famous for its creepy stuff. The below video is aggressively brainwashing. Play it a few times, and you will crave “Tarako” without even knowing what it is.

3. Retarded Baby Commercial on Youtube: E-trade Baby

Buying and selling stocks is easy. Right? Even the most “inexperienced” kid knows how to do it. I wonder what else this baby knows…

4. Retarded Baby Commercial: Fight for Kisses

If you have a twisted mind, you might want to watch this video. It features a baby beating the s**t out of his father…

It looks like evil babies are on the rise!

5. Retarded Baby Commercials on Youtube: Baby Poo Face

This commercial is disgusting! The compilation of babies taking a crap makes me want to throw up. I wonder who came up with this “masterpiece.” Perhaps one of these twisted “geniuses” who don’t realize they are pervs…

I can smell s**t after watching this commercial. Play it and let me know if you experience the same feeling.

Warning! This post was designed for entertainment purposes only. We didn’t mean to offend anyone. Thus, please don’t criticize us. There is nothing wrong with the children featured in the commercials but the creators of the above advertisements.

Top 5 Retarded Baby Commercials on Youtube



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