Top 5 Most Disgusting Youtube Liars

Youtube is full of fake pranks and social experiments. Oftentimes, famous Youtubers are not as innocent as they may seem. Some of these people are disgusting liars, whose fake Niceness and Creativity eventually get exposed. Below is the list of top 5 Most Disgusting Youtube Liars.

1. Disgusting Liar: Adam Saleh

Not only this Youtuber is disgusting but he makes all Arab people look terrible. In his messages, Adam praises terrorism and intentionally accuses others of things they didn’t do. Almost every prank this guy created is fake. Your naiveness helps this guy make

Your naiveness helps him make even more money.

2. Fake Prankster: VitalyzdTv

It seems like this guy has no principles what’s so ever when it comes to making money. Not only Vitaly took part in gay porn back when he was a teenager but he produced a vast number of fake pranks to feed his wallet…

3. Disgusting Youtube Liar: Tai Lopez

If you don’t recognize the face of this dude, you probably don’t know the word “Youtube” either. At some point, Tai Lopez was in every single commercial on Youtube: pre-rolls, post-rolls, and banners. It turned that all of this guy’s bragging was just a cheap ploy. The houses and cars featured in his videos were rented/leased.

4. Most Disgusting Youtube Liars: fouseyTUBE

It seems like fake pranks are trendy these days. Desperate for easy money, more and more YouTubers are trying to do whatever it takes to make advertising bucks. Who doesn’t like easy money?!

5. Most Disgusting Youtube Liars: RomanAtwood

Roman seems like a nice guy: he helped homeless people and he donated some things to those in need. But, like the other four Youtubers, Roman is not always innocent in his deeds. This guy makes fake pranks to drive traffic and advertising revenues to his channel. He takes advantages of your trust.



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