marriage Top 5 Most Hilarious Wedding Gone Wrong Videos

Wedding is always special in our lives. Meaningful and sacred, this unique declaration outlines our affection to the person we love. While being holy and exceptional, this kind of celebration is also famous for its pranks. People just love making fun of others because a good laugh is known for its healing functions. In this post, we’ve compiled a list of Top 5 Most Hilarious Wedding Gone Wrong Videos.

1. Marriage Gone Wrong Prank: Wedding Cake Explosion

Why do people pull pranks on their friends and family members? Apparently, we love watching funny faces of our loved once at times. Below is a great airbag explosion video.

2. Marriage Disaster Prank

What complements a Ruined Wedding? You are right, “The Ruined Wedding” prank. We list the below video for your entertainment, which contains a compilation of pranks where random strangers participated in a “wedding ceremony” that suddenly turned to disaster.

Jerks are everywhere! Watch your back!

3. Bad Marriage Prank: FIRST DATE WEDDING

Have you ever met good-looking but terribly mental ladies in your life? If not, watch this video and taste a bit of insanity. Dressed in a wedding gown, the protagonist “has intentions” to marry a stranger on the first date. Isn’t it creepy?

4. Groom Forgets Rings Prank

We don’t like to feel awkward. Especially when it comes to social gatherings and celebrations of all kind… As much as this prank is innocent, it is also quite malicious.

5. Wedding Gone Wrong Video: Best Marriage Prank

Some marriage pranks are just “disgusting.” And this is one of them. In the footage, the toast-master pulls a terrible gay prank on one of the guests.

Whether you like making fun of people or not, it’s your own business. We do not promote pranking of any kind. This post was crafted for entertainment purposes only. Pull pranks at your own risk!



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