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Parents get disappointed. And usually it happens when kids do something against their will. As a result, things get ridiculous. And below is the list of Top 5 Psycho Parents Who Taught Their Kids a Harsh Lesson.

1. Psycho Parents on Youtube: Dad vs. Video Games

Parents who have sassy and spoiled children may get a lot of inspiration from this footage. In the video “Psycho Dad” loses his mind and destroys all video games his beloved son has collected for several years.

2. Psycho Parents on Youtube: Facebook Parenting

When you invest a lot of money and time into your child and in return get no appreciation from him/her but instead of nice words he/she talks s**t about you behind your back, you obviously lose your mind.

Here is what “parenting” looks like when your mom and/or dad has a gun…

3. Psycho Parents on Youtube: Redneck Mom Against TV

I bet this woman voted for Trump. Strong and courageous, she knows how to educate her children. You better don’t mess with Southern Moms!

I wonder how many animals she has killed using that shotgun.

4. Psycho Parents on Youtube: Mom Against Laptop

It seems like technology does not always work well for us. Instead of making out life easier, it often ruins our relationships with family members. And even the most patient parents lose their patience…

5. Psycho Parents on Youtube: Dad Against Skinny Jeans

It seems like these days people are more accepting. Sometimes even too accepting and openminded. Though, there are still a lot of folks who got stuck in the late 80s and 90s. Being super conservative, they cannot get over the latest trends. This video, in which Conservative Father is “educating” his son, proves just that.

If you consider pulling pranks on your psycho parents, you may want to obtain the following items:

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If you have your parents getting on your nerves, this button will help you inform them about what you’re are thinking. Say that without opening your mouth.


Fake Piercings, Silver – $7.13

If you have as conservative parents as the guy the “Skinny Jeans” video, you might want to get this item to troll your moms and dads even more.

Fake Shocking iPhone – $7.80

This one is harsh. Use it only when your parents have intentions to destroy your electronic device.



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