Top 3 Most Amazing Cops on Youtube

Do you like cops? Maybe not, if you are that “Black Lives Matter” dude full of disappointment. I understand your feelings. Though, give it a chance. You might want to reconsider your positions after watching these inspirational Youtube videos, in which cops are able to justify our expectations. The police officers, indeed, can be heroes!

1. This cop caught a lady stealing food for her family. Not only the police officer didn’t arrest the lawbreaker but he bought food for her and her poor family.

2. Unfortunately, capitalism is not functioning well for every single individual. There are so many of those in need who struggle physically and mentally. While some people pretend not to notice the problem, the others (like this Npolice officer) try to help those in need as much as they can. In this Youtube video, the New York police officer gave shoes to a homeless man. Truly a hero!

3. In this Youtube video, the cop became a real Big Brother to a little boy whose family suffered from poverty and thus could not afford to buy him a bed. The cop not only turned out to be heroic in his deeds but also very humble. Good job, officer!

I wish there were more police officers like those three. We (civilians) need to build trust with people in uniforms. One small step at a time.



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