Top 24 Most Disturbing Instagram Photos that Will Make You Cringe

Unless you are an orthodox Amish or an old-fashioned hipster, you are familiar with the popular social media network Instagram. The photo-sharing app is the best when it comes to sharing photos with “the world.” Launched in 2010, the application has occupied the minds of millions of people and memory cards of the countless number of smartphones and tablets.

What is so special about Instagram, you ask. Well, it’s easy to use; it allows people to share images instantly on the famous websites like Facebook or Twitter; Instagram offers a lot of cool features that help small businesses promote products and services; the application helps celebrities and politicians deliver their messages to the crowds. Some individuals use Instagram to find friends and some folks use the app to build up fan bases.

While one category of boys and girls use Instagram to brag about the places they have visited or the food they’ve eaten, the other uses the network to trash it and thus poison our innocent minds.

For those of you who are seeking to familiarize themselves with the very annals of the social network, we’ve compiled a list of 23 Most Disturbing Instagram Photos. Enjoy at your own risk!

Most Disturbing Instagram Photos: Peeing Kid

This is what happens when you are a parent who is obsessed with their child. You Start Following the poor kid everywhere, and post whatever comes next.

Most Disturbing Instagram Photos: Dead Bodies Buddies

Does this photo look wrong to you? Well, this is a typical morgue, a place where bodies are kept. And the people on your right are the dead people. Morgue employees can often be seen making jokes or eating food around bodies like those two.

Most Disturbing Instagram Photos: Wedding Went Wrong

Well, most of us make mistakes. Most of the errors can be fixed. It’s not the case here. It seems like the bride was about to make an irretrievable mistake. Who would think of posting such a photo on Instagram anyway?!

Most Disturbing Instagram Photos: Naked Ass

With its multiple policies, terms, and features, Instagram is trying to keep its environment as clean as possible. Though posts like the one below still find the entrance to the back doors of the photo sharing app. Does Instagram go porn just like Youtube did?

Most Disturbing Instagram Photos: Surgery

Doctors are highly respected people who work hard to save our lives. Being a surgeon is difficult and exhausting. Not only that but the images of the patients (or their limbs) can also be disturbing….

Most Disturbing Instagram Photos: Wound

It’s another photo that proves the aforementioned statement about the surgeons. The images of the patients can be disturbing! Should posts like that be even allowed on SM networks?

Most Disturbing Instagram Photos: Horn up my A**

If none of the images above made you cringe, this photograph will certainly do it. Just imagine the true feelings of the victim. Now your face starts changing its usual state of relaxation. Watch your butt! You could be next.

Most Disturbing Instagram Photos: D**k Cake

Have you been a d**k lately? If so, don’t be surprised if you get something like this “masterpiece” for your birthday party. Or wedding. Suck your cake!

Most Disturbing Instagram Photos: Full of S**t… Literally…

Sometimes we confuse the terms “literally” and “figuratively”. It’s because in some cases it’s hard to figure out what is what. In this one, however, everything is pretty much clear. The boy is full of s**t. Literally!

Most Disturbing Instagram Photos: Puked All Over The Car

You worked hard for the whole week, you had a lot of stress at work, and just once in a Blue Moon, you let yourself relax. It happened only once. But what a shame… As Warren Buffet once said, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.”

Most Disturbing Instagram Photos: Naked A**

Despite all of the hard work Instagram does to prevent explicit content from being uploaded by the users, some smart a***s still find ways to trash the network with terrible nudity shots.

Most Disturbing Instagram Photos: When Mom Enters Your Room… Unexpectedly…

We all had those moments. Yes. Don’t pretend you never did. Maybe not to the same extent but you surely know what it feels like being embarrassed. The boy on the picture acts cool though.

Most Disturbing Instagram Photos: Skeleton is wearing a Bra

Teenagers like pulling pranks on each other. It’s the nature of high schoolers. Sometimes these pranks go too far, though.

Most Disturbing Instagram Photos: Peeing Chinese

Some people enjoy taking selfies. But some people enjoy taking selfies while embarrassing others. This guy has his unique collection of selfies taken along with peeing folks and their “little friends!”

Most Disturbing Instagram Photos: Balls Backpack

Don’t have your own balls? Not a problem. This guy found a solution, so can you. Take a look at this marvelous testicle bag.

Most Disturbing Instagram Photos: Diaper and S**t

Let’s play analogies. Fill the empty space. Black – White, Coffee – Milk, Fire – Water, Diaper – [empty space]. Yes, that’s exactly what the user mackeeeyyy has to offer their Instagram followers. He must be proud of his creativity.

Most Disturbing Instagram Photos: Sniff my Butt

Do you hate your wife but don’t know an appropriate form to express your feelings? Not a big deal. Take off your pants and let her sniff your butt. Isn’t it a pleasurable act?

Most Disturbing Photos: Public Restroom Terror

Apparently, 21st century didn’t teach us much. Who cares about Alexander Cumming and his invention anyway…

Most Disturbing Photos: I am on One

This is a clear example of what drugs do to people. A highly addictive analgesic drug poisons people all over the world. And this is what julietterossirt is trying to tell us in her photograph…

Most Disturbing Photos: Homeless Man

Capitalism is an amazing economic system that gives you freedom. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work well for everyone. Large cities are full of homeless people. And the images of these individuals are often too disturbing to be shown.

Most Disturbing Photos: Cockroaches and Caterpillars for Breakfast

In some cultures, “insects” is a very acceptable type of food. Some people love eating bugs more than the traditional forms of protein such as beef or chicken. In America and most European countries, eating bugs is considered disgusting and unacceptable. And, thus, disturbing.

Most Disturbing Photos: Oh, What a Night

Remove one of the following: sex, drugs, alcohol, Instagram. You are right, the correct answer is “sex.” It’s not allowed on Instagram. But some people not only find ways to show it but show its most disgusting forms.

Most Disturbing Photos: Halloween Party

Are you expecting to have sex with Harry Potter, Donald Trump, and Pikachu at the upcoming Halloween Party? If so, make sure you are dressed like a female Shredder slut. And who knows, maybe even “Ninja Turtles” will join your squad.

While Kevin Systrom thought of creating an amazing platform for people to share their world of vivid colors, he surely didn’t expect his creation to be poisoned by the freaks of the Internet. Here we are, though. The dark side of Social Media is all over the Internet with its s**t, vulgarity, pain, and horror.



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