Does Stephen Curry believe in Allah?

While press talks a lot about Stephen Curry and his openness about Jesus Christ, there has been a lot of controversy behind the Golden State Warriors’ finger sign. Does Stephen Curry believe in Allah? Let’s see.

What is The One Sign?

The One sign is a widely recognized gesture. It is often used by organizations like ISIS and highlights the belief in one God (Allah).

Quran accuses Christians and Jews of being polytheists. According to Muslims, Christians veered off their monotheistic roots by creating Trinity. Jews are accused of making Ezra the son of god. According to Islam, neither Christians nor Jews can show The One sign.

Obama shows “The One” Sign

Barack Obama was once criticized for showing the so-called “Muslim Gang Sign” during the U.S. African Leaders Summit. Who knows what the former president had in mind when he did it. Maybe nothing at all…

Is Stephen Curry a Muslim?

It’s not clear why the Golden State Warrior shows “The One” sign. The famous athlete may have some secret Muslim agenda in mind. But perhaps he simply “developed” personal interpretations of the gesture.



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